OpenHack Group Project

Posted by Mike on February 17, 2015

We’ve decided start a Group Project as part of our monthly meetup.

Having a group project provides a common reference for OpenHack members. It also offers a place for new members to jump in and contribute.

The Project

The project goal is to create The Ultimate Syracuse Live Music & Art Event Calendar.

The application will aggregate event data from the social accounts and websites of local musicians, venues, and community pages.

With live updating event data, the app will provide multiple ways to view events. In essence the app attempts to answer the question: “What is going on in Syracuse?”

What We Have So Far

An empty repository on GitHub, Codename Otto.

The Rules

The source code for the entire project will be open source. The code will be on GitHub, and anyone can contribute to the project via pull requests.

There is no right way to do anything, no one’s code is sacred. Remember: this is all a fun learning exercise.

Have a suggestion? Open an issue on GitHub.

The Most Important Rule

Be nice to each other. We are all here to learn something new.

The Tech Stack

Initially the app will be written using the Ruby on Rails web framework. All code will be managed with git, using GitHub flow for feature branches and pull requests.

Moving forward, this project should provide a broad range of development options. Such as:

  • Proper web design! Which will be required at some point
  • Solid unit and integration testing
  • Deployment / Devops options (I’d love to see us try out new tech like docker and CoreOS for deployment)
  • Converting the app to an API with Javascript / Mobile frontends

So, that’s it. Let’s build something great!

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